Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prince George's Serial Killer - Cody Alan Legebokoff:

   Cody Alan Legbokoff, 21 years old now, lived in Fort St James, just outside of Prince george. When you see the fresh faced 6 ft 2 blonde haired young man, you have to wonder what happened with him? he started his killing spree at the young age of 19 years old.
    The teenaged serial killer allegedly committed four muders all together over thirteen months in 2009, yet to be convicted as it is still in court proceedings. His victims; 
     1) Loren Donn Leslie - 15 years old
     2) Cynthia Maas - 35 years old
     3) Jill Stuchenko - 35 years old
     4) Natasha Montegomery - 26 years old

    Cody came from a very good, well adjusted home. He had a very good up bringing reported by Roy Godwin - the grand father. He was very athletic; competed in down hill skiing, snow boarding, played in hockey, his name listed amongst competitors in the 2002 challenge cup, an annual international hockey tournament held in Vancouver.

    He hunted and fished, had a very close relationship with his grandfather Roy Godwin. They did everything together. Roy reported he was a pretty normal kid. 

    Cody graduated in 2008 in Fort St James. he was popular amongst his peers, well liked by all, got along with everyone. He excelled in all sports as noted above. 
    Cody spent time in Lethbridge Alberta where he worked as a mechanic.

    Cody has very loving and supportive family, grandparents, and many exteneded family. He was close with all of them. He grew up with his grandfather in Fraser Lake. 

    So what happened inside of Cody Alan Legebokoff? what turned him into that teenage serial killer? reading he came from a wonderful and supportive family, loved by all, excelled in everything he did. So what happened to him? what changed inside of him to go on murderous spree? did he display any kind of signs that there was something going on inside of him that maybe no one noticed? a young man with such a bright future ahead of him turns into Prince George's serail killer, how does that happen? Will it ever be explained? will we ever have the answers how a well adjusted young man goes from a "pretty normal kid" to a serial killer? it is sad to see such a talented young man all of a sudden turn like this, and now will face life behind bars if convicted on all four murders, such a waste when you see how gifted he once was. Will we ever get answers to why he turned this way? What was going on in his head? there must have been something going on in there, he was able to hide it all from his family. 

    I cannot imagine how his family feels.I am sure no one can possibly imagine what the family is going through to see their son, grandson and well liked friend be on the line of being convicted of four murders, a very hard thing for them to deal with I am sure. 

    Hopefully one day maybe we will get the answers as to how Cody came to be this? that is all we can do is hope, and maybe some sort of peace for his family as well to know why and what happened with him to do this. I hope one day his family finds the peace they need for this. 

    And to the victim's family, along with that, hoping they can find that peace in them as well for their losses.    

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