Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prince George's Serial Killer - Cody Alan Legebokoff:

   Cody Alan Legbokoff, 21 years old now, lived in Fort St James, just outside of Prince george. When you see the fresh faced 6 ft 2 blonde haired young man, you have to wonder what happened with him? he started his killing spree at the young age of 19 years old.
    The teenaged serial killer allegedly committed four muders all together over thirteen months in 2009, yet to be convicted as it is still in court proceedings. His victims; 
     1) Loren Donn Leslie - 15 years old
     2) Cynthia Maas - 35 years old
     3) Jill Stuchenko - 35 years old
     4) Natasha Montegomery - 26 years old

    Cody came from a very good, well adjusted home. He had a very good up bringing reported by Roy Godwin - the grand father. He was very athletic; competed in down hill skiing, snow boarding, played in hockey, his name listed amongst competitors in the 2002 challenge cup, an annual international hockey tournament held in Vancouver.

    He hunted and fished, had a very close relationship with his grandfather Roy Godwin. They did everything together. Roy reported he was a pretty normal kid. 

    Cody graduated in 2008 in Fort St James. he was popular amongst his peers, well liked by all, got along with everyone. He excelled in all sports as noted above. 
    Cody spent time in Lethbridge Alberta where he worked as a mechanic.

    Cody has very loving and supportive family, grandparents, and many exteneded family. He was close with all of them. He grew up with his grandfather in Fraser Lake. 

    So what happened inside of Cody Alan Legebokoff? what turned him into that teenage serial killer? reading he came from a wonderful and supportive family, loved by all, excelled in everything he did. So what happened to him? what changed inside of him to go on murderous spree? did he display any kind of signs that there was something going on inside of him that maybe no one noticed? a young man with such a bright future ahead of him turns into Prince George's serail killer, how does that happen? Will it ever be explained? will we ever have the answers how a well adjusted young man goes from a "pretty normal kid" to a serial killer? it is sad to see such a talented young man all of a sudden turn like this, and now will face life behind bars if convicted on all four murders, such a waste when you see how gifted he once was. Will we ever get answers to why he turned this way? What was going on in his head? there must have been something going on in there, he was able to hide it all from his family. 

    I cannot imagine how his family feels.I am sure no one can possibly imagine what the family is going through to see their son, grandson and well liked friend be on the line of being convicted of four murders, a very hard thing for them to deal with I am sure. 

    Hopefully one day maybe we will get the answers as to how Cody came to be this? that is all we can do is hope, and maybe some sort of peace for his family as well to know why and what happened with him to do this. I hope one day his family finds the peace they need for this. 

    And to the victim's family, along with that, hoping they can find that peace in them as well for their losses.    

2nd Worst City In Canada - Prince George BC, Canada - An Explantion Why;

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
  Rated Canada's 2nd Worst City - An Explanation Why;

   Prince George, nestled high in Northern Canada, the biggest city in the North. There are approximately 74,000 people in this city. Surrounded by majestic mountains, lakes and wilderness beauty that attracts so many out door enthusiasts, there is so much to do out doors here, the most beautiful hiking trails, fishing, hunting, so much wilderness beauty rests here......but yet we are deemed Canada's 2nd worst city by MacLeans Magazine. You cannot blame them for giving us this label, as many get mad a this magazine for doing so. Here is A total explanation as how they came to this labeling us here in Northern Canada, all information provided here is taken from their page ""

    The 2010 murders capped a grim for Prince George second year in a row. Its highest and worst score in MacLeans Magaizine.
    The 4th annual national crime rankings as follows;
      - 114% above the national average. The year was marked by outbreaks of gang and drug related crime and added to that was an uncharacteristic string of of nine murders in and around the community of just 74,000 people.

    - Three major homicides are alleged to have been committed by 21 year old Cody Alan Legebokof, while of the rest are accounted for by organized crime and the drug trade reported by Eric Stubbs, Police Chief of Prince George.
    The rankings are based on our analysis Canada Crime Severity Index (CSI) commissioned by MacLeans Magaizine to measure crime activity in Canada's 100 largest cities and police districts.

    Canada's crime score has fallen 23% since the year 2000. Even Prince George after a sad murderous year recorded a crime score of just 11%, lower than a decade ago.

    The CSI is a relatively new tool Stats Canada has created. It uses reports of a broad spectrum of offences to rank their relative seriousness. More wieght is allotted to worst offences, such as; murders, robberies, and serious assaults based on the length sentences served.
    Using Stats Canada tally of seven murders in 2010, Prince George had the highest per capita murder rate in Canada 486 % above the national average. Also tops the overall violent and non-violent crime score rankings among 100 cities.
    MacLeans Magazine also tracked crime trends by commissioning to run a six indicator offence;
    1) Homicide
    2) Sexual Assaults
    3) Aggravated Assaults
    4) Break & Entering
    5) Robbery
    6) Auto Theft
  ~ The rate of break and entering at 89% above the national average, second highest in Canada.
~ Vehicle theft 104 % above the national average, eight highest in Canada,
~ Robbery was 57 % above the national average, fourteenth highest in Canada,
~ Sexual assault 84 % above the national average, fourth highest in Canada,
~ only the rate of aggravated assault was below the national average.

    The turf wars by the gangs over the drug trade are related addictions issues account for significant share of crime say Eric Stubbs, Police Chief.
    Prince George does draw a large transient crowd population. Gangs have shifted some operations to the BC Interior after a concerted effort by police in the lower mainland to disrupt the orfanized crime drug trade.
    Eric Stubbs reported anti-gang initiatives have had a significant impact, the work of our downtown enforcement unit has made the central core safer and more welcoming.

    It is the three murders (four all together alleged murders yet to be convicted) allegedly committed over 13 months by 21 year old Cody Alan Legbokoff that may find inexplicable, 
    The son of a prosporous and very respected family. Grew up in Fort St James, just out side of Prince George. Cody had a remarkable up bringing, played hockey, his name listed amongst the competitors in the 2002 challenge cup, an annual international hockey tournament, snow boarding, hunting, fishing. He was very popular amongst his own peers, well liked by everyone, so how does this thought to be well balanced young man go from that to being charged with three alleged murders? 

    Yet if police allegations are proven in court, he began his killing spree at the young age of 19 years old, murdering Jill Stuchenko in October 2009, and three other murders followed the next year, so four murders in total.
    He was arrested thenioght of Loren Leslie's murder after an alert RCMP member stopped Cody's pick up after as he pulled out of a logging road in the remote North West of Prince George. Loren Leslie's body that night in the woods.

    Cody Legebokoff was charged with the other three murders after a tne month  RCMP investigation. 
    Prince george and area has endured much sorrow and crime. It sits on Highway 16, known as "High Way of Tears"   it is a long stretch of road cutting through resource towns and wilderness between Alberta and Prince Rupert British Columbia on the pacific coast. 
    Eighteen women - mostly hitch hikers vanished without a single trace from 1969 to 2006. Forensics and Cody Legebokoff's age eliminated him from being the suspect in any of those unsolved cases, which sadly remains that way to this very day.

    Sharon Hurd, who works for the Pheonix Transition Society, a local women's shelter group here in Prince George says "the city remains a dangerous place, especially for vulnerable women, the viciousness of retaliation of the gang members here has absolutely everyone terrified, I'm not the least bit relieved, I'm wondering how quickly they're going to get the next killer"

   Loren Leslie's parents draw some comfort from the belief of that their daughter's murder was the catylist, as Doug her father puts it leading to her alleged killer's arrest and perhaps saving lives. He launched the "Loren Donn Leslie Foundation" to raise awareness about internet predation, (Loren may have met Cody Legebokoff online, and other risks youth face)

    Just recently there was a police shooting on Septemeber 1oth. Police shot and killed a person in Pine View, just outside of Prince George. According to a police reports on sunday morning the Prince George RCMP were made aware of a serious criminal offence that occured in a rual area south east of the city. Police set up a primeter in the area in order to locate the person believed to be responsible for theoffence. In the early evening of Septemeber 10th, an interaction between police and the suspect occured. The report from Polce states that confimation of at least one shot was fired and no officers were injured. 

    This was the first case of the "Independent Investigations Office" (IIO) which investigates death and serious harm involving police. They opened the doors September 10th.

    Prince George is moving on, for what ever reason vigialant policing circumstance, Eric Stubbs concedes the city has not reported a single murder in 2011, Eric Stubbs adds "I'm knocking on all the wood I can find"

    All the long term residents, and the new ones hope and pray that the violence and high crime of this city does go down and take away that black cloud that plagues us to be canada's 2nd worst city. This city could be so much more, again with all its Northen beauty that surrounds it. The city is working hard to clean up Prince George, and wanting to attract tourists back to the city.