Monday, September 13, 2010

Pen Pals from around the globe

  I have met so many wonderful friends through Pen Paling, and all around the globe, from so many different countries. It is great meeting other people from different countries, learning what life is like in their home land, how they live, what it is like there. It is like your traveling through them. Chances are I will never see these places, so it is wonderful to learn about their homeland, and what it is like there. The have shown pictures as well, beautiful places. 
  I thanks all my awesome pen pals for sharing so much with me, and sharing what life is like in their home land, and showing me what it is like there, and sharing otehr things as well. I love my pen pals, I appreciate them, they are all wonderful people, and so glad to have them all as pen pals!! 

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