Monday, September 13, 2010

I Am Scorpio Woman.......

 I Am Scorpio Woman - this is me --
  • Highly energetic / hyper
  • high endurance
  • Very intelligent
  • Intuative
  • Hard working
  • dedicated
  • protects their friends, loved ones, family at any cost
  •  Can be jealous, protective over things of importance
  • great lover / kisser
  • romantic
  • passionate / compassionate
  • honest, reliable
  • trust worthy, loyal
  • attractive - likes to stand out from the rest, their own style
  • can be obsessive / secretive
  • can hold grudges ( have to do something really bad for that)
  • bold and determined - usually always getting what they are after
  • high fierce temper - heated temper when prevoked
  • loves long term relationships ( I am married )
  • talkative
  • very social - a social butterfly
  • emotional - can be very intense at times
  • very cold and calculating when crossed, or done wrong, cheated
  • loves to party with friends - work hard, play hard
  • can be over whelming to tohers- with their high energy
  • fights for what they believe in no matter what
  • protects the weak when needed
  • sharp minded
  • out going, easy going, great sense of humor
  • will not back down from a fight - no matter if they wil or not
  • fearless
  • sentimental
I am a Scorpio Woman...this is some of me ( scared yet...LOL!), sounds bad, but really when it comes down to it, I am good person, honest and trust worthy, I value friendships, and let my friends know I value their friendships      :)

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